About Me

Hey, I'm Maciej Kopeć - a software engineer with a passion for programming, Linux systems, and everything related to increasing productivity, such as writing scripts, fast typing, neovim, etc. My expertise lies mostly on the server-side, so writing code, upgrading and maintaining infrastructure, but I'm interested in every aspect of software development, like frontend, SEO, security and so on.

Over the course of my career, I've garnered proficiency in numerous programming languages such as Go, JavaScript (TypeScript), Python. I've also worked with Java and C#. I'm familiar with a variety of different tools, technologies, libraries, and frameworks, such as Node.js, NestJS, Next.js, and React. I'm comfortable with both SQL and NoSQL databases, and also with time-series databases like TimescaleDB. I have experience with asynchronous programming, microservices architecture, and cloud computing. I'm also familiar with the world of containers and orchestration tools like Docker, Kubernetes. After work I'm maitaining my personal server which is running on Proxmox, where I host this website, a Kubernetes cluster on K3S, and an assortment of other services, including occasional game servers. I enjoy tackling complex problems and finding elegant solutions to them.

Beyond the realm of coding, you might catch me experimenting with new technologies, or pursuing my other non-tech passions like playing tennis, boxing, and reading books about philosophy (mostly about Stoicism). I'm also constantly tweaking my system so It's servse me as best as possible. I'm trying to pay my fair share in the programming community by contributing to open-source projects and writing articles on my blog, where I share my knowledge and experience with others for free.

Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form below or connect with me on my social media profiles. I'm always excited to discuss new opportunities and collaborate on interesting projects.